Because of Grácia: A Film and Faith Conversation Guide

Because of Grácia: A Film and Faith Conversation Guide, based on the award-winning film, is a 45-day study focuses on three key film messages–teen dating and sexuality, valuing life and grace for those facing teen pregnancy, and publicly sharing faith. The hybrid 9-week guide includes small group sessions and reflections throughout the week.

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The Because of Grácia Film and Faith Conversation Guide is a different kind of resource from most movie discussion guides, and it’s different from most bible studies. It’s a 45-day experience to spark conversations on the challenges students face every day as Christians. Based on the themes of Because of Grácia, each week’s conversation has info on group activities and then follows up with five days of devotional reflections for a student and his or her conversation partner. Topics and conversations include:

1. Practicing Friendship

  • Why Do We Fall in Love?
  • What About Our Bodies?
  • How Do You Grow True Friendship?

2. Choosing life

  • Why Am I Here?
  • What Should I Do?
  • How Can I Help?

3. Voicing Faith

  • Why Do We Hide?
  • What Is a Witness?
  • Will Anyone Listen?

These Because of Grácia conversations will help students know how to handle the life-altering choices they face everyday– friendships and relationships, dating and falling in love, how to choose life and support those facing teen pregnancy, and how to confidently voice your faith and beliefs in public. So let this film and faith conversation be a part of their faith journey, and get real with these real-life questions on God, friendship, and love.

Chris Friesen

A teacher and pastor by profession and a songwriter and storyteller on the side, Chris Friesen holds a master’s degree in theology from Mennonite Brethren Biblical Seminary at Fresno Pacific University and has worked for years in youth, young adult, and children’s ministry, from the Canadian boreal forest to the inner city. He resides in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, on the Canadian prairies, where he makes music with his wife and six children in the Friesen Family Band.

Michelle Simes

Michelle Simes is a Special Education teacher and homeschool mom who is married to Tom, the writer and director of the award-winning film Because Of Grácia. Michelle has written pro-life and youth curriculum material for schools and churches, and she has worked in ministry to teens and young adults around the areas of chastity and sanctity of life issues. She currently resides in the heartland of Canada, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Michelle and Tom have been blessed with thirty three years of marriage and four beautiful children ages 16-26.

Author: Chris Friesen, Michelle Simes

7.5″ x 9″ trade paperback, 176 pages

ISBN: 9781947297029


Award winning film, starring Moriah Peters (Best Actress – 7th Annual Life Fest Film Festival) and Chris Massoglia, and directed by 2017’s winner of the Life Fest’s Spirit of Capra Award, Tom Simes.

Major national marketing campaign focusing on 20 U.S. markets slated for initial theatrical release, with key church partners in each market supporting lm and curriculum releases. Marketing and launch highlights Include:

  • Long-lead PR and marketing efforts, major national media campaign for lm and books
  • Featured in Parade Magazine, PR Newswire, Box Office Revolution, The Christian Post, West Coast Media Magazine, Faith, Family and Friends Radio
  • Winner, Best Picture, ICVM Awards, Winner of Life Fest
  • Pre-screenings to pastor groups and conferences for grassroots support
  • Key influencers review and endorsements campaign
  • Direct marketing with youth group site licensing timed with theatrical release
  • Supporting film website with additional resources for curriculum users

Because of Gracia DVD release coming August 2018.

Because of Grácia will move young men and women in truth, challenging all in a life changing message of hope.

Kevin McAfee
Filmmaker, End of the Spear and Last Ounce of Courage
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