Are you a content creator or brand with great ideas that the world needs to hear? An author with a story to tell, but without the hours to get that first manuscript draft completed?

With Dexterity’s custom solutions, we offer all levels of editing—whether you’re in need of the full editorial process or just a light proofread. Maybe you’re looking for the right talent to design an award-winning cover. The Dexterity Collective is comprised of a team full of industry veterans ready to take your content to the next level, and Dexterity works as a matchmaker to pair you with the right fit.

Dexterity offers authors, publishers, and other content creators a comprehensive set of product development services including:

  • Content Coaching

    In two-day custom workshop settings, Dexterity offers content coaching to help lay out the main ideas and supporting chapters for your next bestseller.

  • Writing

    Dexterity pairs authors with the best writers based on personality and genre fit.

  • Editing

    For authors with a raw manuscript, Dexterity provides both content and copyediting services.

  • Proofreading

    Let Dexterity offer one more set of eyes on your nearly finished manuscript.

  • Typesetting

    Dexterity’s collective of graphic designers can layout the book in Adobe InDesign based on individual printer’s desired file formats.

  • Cover Design

    Our award-winning team of designers can create an eye-catching cover, mixing your preferences with our expertise to design the book of your dreams.

Have any questions about the how we can help you develop your content?