Dexterity is proud to partner with a number of talented organizations and experts in marketing, content production, entertainment, and brand development. A proud member of the Independent Book Publishers Association, we have extensive experience in multimedia tie-in projects with film partners, as well as book projects designed to enhance corporate and personality-based brands.

Dexterity also works closely with various retail and distribution partners to get client books into the hands of readers. From direct sales access to the largest retailers and distributors, to a growing number of independent bookseller and library relationships in both the general trade and specialty markets, we use industry-leading tools like Edelweiss and ONIXEDIT to connect with trading partners and potential readers.

Let Dexterity partner as the go-to publishing solutions provider to elevate your author, speaker, or brand.

Media and Brand Development Partners

Industry Resource Partners

Retail and Distribution Partners

The Dexterity Collective team is quick, efficient, and most importantly effective in all aspects of publishing.  Matt West and his team deliver outstanding service and most often go above and beyond expectations. We consider them a trusted partner in our business and our first go-to for publishing, editorial, and consulting needs.

Interested in partnering with us?

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    Cara Melachrinos
    November 1, 2020 3:03 pm

    I am a book reviewer who uses Instagram and Goodreads, along with Amazon and B&N to post my reviews. I review and feature a wide range of books for adults and children. I have a following of 3230+ followers. I would love to partner with you on some books and spread the word.

    My Instagram is:

    Please let me know if you are interested.


    Cara Melachrinos

    • Hi Cara!

      Thanks so much for reaching out and your interest in partnering with us.

      I’ll have our Marketing team connect with you to flesh out more details on a partnership. Should they touch base via Instagram DMs or do you have a email account that would be better?


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