A Year of Thanksgivings: A Memoir

Development Services

When the co-author of a Nashville family’s history wanted to publish under his own imprint, Dexterity provided publishing consulting for every step in the process, as well the perfect team for professional, editing, graphic design, and typesetting services.

Through the whole process and beyond, Matt and his team have been extremely diligent, responsive, friendly, and good at what they do. Matt knows his subject well, yet he enjoyed helping me learn the basics of book publishing in the twenty-first century. Through it all, Matt has had a sunny disposition and a keen sense of humor, without which the whole thing would not have been nearly as much fun.  

Joseph N. Davis

Personal Historian, Episcopal Priest, and Owner of Talking Tree Tales

In A Year of Thanksgivings, Sallie Hicks shares with her readers seven generations of the Hicks and Read families as she has known them for almost ninety years. In stories that span from her early childhood memories to encounters with life’s heartbreaking challenges, Sallie tells how, despite significant visual impairment, she has navigated her life with remarkable optimism, strength, and resilience. In this moving account of how her family came to be and who it is today, Sallie extends an irresistible invitation to all to pull up a chair for a few minutes of conversation with a lady who, before you know it, is sure to become a trusted friend. Mrs. Hicks’ attitude is contagious, and readers will likely find that her thanksgivings will inspire new gratitude in themselves.

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