The Habit of Noticing: Using Creativity to Make a Life (And a Living)

In his most adventurous and deeply personal project to date, The Habit of Noticing is Darden Smith’s collection of stories that serves as a personal manifesto on the value of art and creativity in daily life. A guidebook for those seeking to bring more creativity into their life, Smith dives deep into his inspirations and influences, the importance of commitment and endurance in tough times, and the beauty that comes from finding meaning in your work and your life.

The Habit of Noticing
Ebook and Audiobook published by Dexterity.
Print book published by Irie Books.

Available wherever books are sold, including the retailers below:

The Habit of Noticing is a personal manifesto on the value of art and creativity, written by singer-songwriter Darden Smith to serve as a guidebook for those seeking to bring more creativity into their daily life. “I’ve learned a lot about the creative life — or rather, how and why to make a creative life –– from more than three decades of earning a living as a musician and songwriter. The “how” is a mix of vision, talent, desire, drive, luck and perseverance. As for “why,” it comes down to this: My life is better when I make creativity the driving force in my day,” says Smith.

The Habit of Noticing is not a how-to manual. It’s not about craft. Rather, it is a collection of stories looking at the mindset of working artists – finding the spark, maintaining it through the rise and fall of a career, and letting the creativity evolve. An inside look at the struggles and successes in crafting and sustaining a life — and a living — as a working artist, The Habit of Noticing provides the foundation for an understanding and appreciation of what’s required to achieve this balance, and the depth and value we can draw from an artist’s approach to work and life.

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