Healing Out Loud: How to Embrace God’s Love When You Don’t Like Yourself

book cover - healing out loud sandi brown michelle caulk


In this unique look at a one-year journey through counseling told from both sides of the couch, Sandi Brown—the founder of St. Louis’s largest Christian radio ministry, JOY FM—and her counselor, Dr. Michelle Caulk, walk through Sandi’s therapy journey, answering questions asked by so many Christian women today.

Healing Out Loud outlines the journey from processing inner pain to healing and liking oneself, provides an inside look into Sandi’s personal journal entries, and offers guided questions and reflections centered around issues such as shame and grief. At the intersection of faith and humanness, Healing Out Loud provides a guiding hand to overcome the negative thoughts that keep you from living fully in God’s light.

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In this uplifting look into mental health, self love, and faith Sandi Brown, the founder of  JOY FM in St. Louis, and her counselor, Dr. Michelle Caulk, walk through her therapy journey, answering the question so many Christian women ask, “What do I do when I know God loves me, but I don’t like myself?”

When Sandi began her journey towards healing and freedom, she thought she was alone in her struggles. By working with Michelle, the two found that scores of women experience a disconnect between how they see themselves and God’s image.

Healing Out Loud captures many of the insecurities the modern woman faces in her walk with Christ. Written in conversational prose, Brown and Caulk’s combined voice creates an accessible path for readers to face their vulnerabilities with biblical insight.

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