Because of Grácia: A Film and Faith Leader’s Guide

The Because of Grácia Film and Faith Leader’s Guide is a nine-session study curriculum based on the award-winning film. The study equips youth leaders to guide “conversations” around three major themes of the film–dating and relationships, teen pregnancy/value of life, and defending faith in public–and discuss the faith issues teens face today.

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Don’t miss the Mini Leader Guides, available in print and digital via Ingram.

The Mini Leader Guide three-session studies equip youth pastors and small group leaders to explore key themes in the Because of Grácia curriculum: Theme 1 Practicing Friendship will inspire students to think about teen dating, relationships, and sexuality in new ways, encouraging them to first form friendships based on mutual respect; Theme 2 Choosing Life empowers students to address the issues of unplanned and teen pregnancy with confidence, faith, and love; Theme 3 Voicing Faith inspires participants to confront fear and complacency even when faced with opposition from the world around them and helps them realize the gift of personal faith.

Because of Grácia: A Film and Faith Leader’s Guide equips youth pastors and small group leaders to explore the key themes in this award-winning film through a life-changing discipleship curriculum.

The nine-week guide contains three weeks of “Conversations” on three core topics from the film:

  • Practicing Friendship: Dating and God’s design for relationship
  • Choosing Life: Teen pregnancy and the sanctity of life
  • Voicing Faith: Sharing and defending our Christianity in public

The Because of Grácia Leader’s Guide is designed for use with the related Because of Grácia Film and Faith Conversation Guide for students, a unique hybrid experience that offers complementary material for small group sessions, as well as daily reflections for students to use throughout the week in “conversation partner” pairs.  The resulting 45-day experience allows young Christians to pursue discipleship with others, while helping them to wrestle with the difficult issues they’re facing today.

The Because of Grácia curriculum was created to affirm that with God’s amazing and empowering grace, young people CAN live in a new way. Take your students on a spiritual journey alongside Grácia, Chase, and the rest of Eastglenn High as they face life-altering decisions, learning that grace is both the gift of mercy when we fail and our empowerment to live in truth and light.

Because of Grácia will move young men and women in truth, challenging all in a life changing message of hope.

Kevin McAfee

Filmmaker, End of the Spear and Last Ounce of Courage

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